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First, we strive to be a warm, friendly, and welcoming church.  Come as you are!  Mary likes to see that everyone has coffee and Mallory likes to bring donuts!

Second, we are a liturgical church.

There are several styles of worship that fit the theological leanings of various denominations.  Some are auditoriums, designed primarily for proclaiming the word.  Others might be sound stages like we find at concert halls.  Others are highly emotional with mighty choirs and poetic preaching.

The structure of our Anglican worship is reverent; we are respectful of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  It follows the ancient protocol of the great hall of a king or temple of the Lord. We are invited into the presence of Christ, who is God indwelling his temple.  We sing his praises, tell his stories, hear his commandments, ask for his blessings, and share in the meal he serves, called the Eucharist.

Sometimes, we may meet less formally as friends of the king, a service called Morning Prayer, in which case we do not have communion.  For those not familiar with the traditional aspects of Anglican worship, here are a few things you might want to know in advance.

Scripture is at the center of our worship, so there will be several Bible readings and a sermon based on the word of God.  Father Michael likes to preach from the Gospels, the very words and actions of Jesus.  Everything we say or do in worship aligns with Scripture and most of it is a direct quote of worship found in Scripture.

The clergy and, perhaps, others will be wearing vestments.  There will be candles and a processional cross, and other decorations.  But since we are a Reformed Anglican church we like to keep this rather simple and straightforward, following the guidelines of Elizabeth I of England.

The service begins with a processional, and ends with a recession and a blessing.

The service is divided roughly into two parts and read from the Book of Common Prayer.  It may take over an hour!  But we cover all the bases.  There will be clear instructions in the bulletin about when to sit, stand, bow, or kneel (as able), and what to do, say, or sing.  After a few times it becomes rather easy to follow along.  We try to be reverent but not stuffy or stiff.  We are real, make mistakes, and often laugh at ourselves.  We take the Lord seriously – ourselves not so much.

Anyone who is baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit may partake of Holy Communion when served.  Otherwise, we would still like to give you a blessing or pray with you if you come to the altar.  We invite you to give your life to Christ and will give you time for that during the service – we are all sinners saved by grace.

Sometimes we anoint people with oil and pray for healing.

Third, in church we seek to comfort, instruct, and empower the people of God for witness and service in the world.


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